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LongRich Product

Post by LorelaLeonardo on Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:33 pm

-1 sa araw, 1 sa gabi ka lang magpapalit! The day and night pad can absorb up to 250mL of liquid! -99.9% of bad bacteria is also killed so you won't feel the need to change! Smile
-Komportable at absorbent.
-Hindi gawa sa plastic at recycled bleached paper.
-Walang amoy.
-Walang chemical.
-Walang tagos.
-Walang moodiness.
-Walang dysmenorrhea.
-Walang UTI.
-Walang cervical cancer.

Superbklean Sanitary Napkin (250 pesos whole/ 32 pesos(Night Use Heavy Flow), 25 pesos(Light flow), 15 pesos(Day Use) retail)
A woman’s period is a time of great discomfort and whereby the body can be less resistance to diseases. Lonrich’s Superbklean Sanitary Napkin provides customers extra comfort, more convenience and a sense of security; a napkin that is reliable and trusted by many to be the perfect “companion” during times of menstrual discomfort.
*Preserves Health
*Eliminate Odor
*Promotes Metabolism
*Improves Endocrine Functions
*Enhance Immunity
*Relieves Stress
*Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
*Irregular Menstration
And many more.
(Marami na pong mga tao na nag patunay na effective angSuperbklean Sanitary Napkin, Kaya ano pang ginagawa mo? Try mo na!)


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Re: LongRich Product

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:26 pm

Pi Energy Cup(5,200 pesos)
A providing users with alkaline water that helps to reduce the high acidity level in the body and helps to improve quality of otur drinking water by removing chlorine from your drinking water, balancing PH of water, enhances the concentration of requires nutrients such as zinc. Drinking water from Pi Cup daily helps to improve overall physical condition over a long term consumption.
*Acid Person
*High Blood Problems
*Prevent Joint Pains and Arthritis
*Detox of Body Toxins
*Fight Infection
*Loss Weight
*Boost Energy
*Reduce Risk of CANCER
*Prevent Constipation
*Fights Infection
(Marami na pong mga tao na nag patunay na effective ang Pi Energy Cup, Kaya ano pang ginagawa mo? Try mo na!)
(PM niyo po ako kung may gusto po kayong itanong.)


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